School Logo

Vision and Values


'To provide a stimulating and supportive environment, laying the foundations that enable everyone to flourish and achieve

In order to educate pupils to the best of their abilities, to create a happy and safe environment and to lay the foundations for our students to flourish in the future, the whole community at Little Kingshill School strives to instil and develop the following core values, which inform everything that we do.


Creativity: All pupils will be given the opportunity through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities to explore and develop their creative skills.


Achievement: Every child and adult will be encouraged to achieve and the school will actively celebrate achievement at all levels.


Respect: Every member of the school community will respect and show tolerance towards all individuals that make up the community no matter their gender, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, social context and vulnerability. This reinforces the rich diversity of our community and that everyone is treated equally.


Challenge: Everyone will be encouraged to challenge themselves to do their best in all they do, even when it requires digging deep and not giving up. Pupils will be set the correct level of challenge during lessons through excellent teaching.


Well-being: A nurturing environment is fostered at all times, pupils and adults develop their mental and physical well-being through opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  They will also be taught where to go to get support if they are in need.


Responsibility: We will all take responsibility for our actions and the school environment.  Helping to nurture/develop responsible members of the community, pupils will be taught how to be responsible and have opportunities to take on responsibilities through the democratic processes available within the school.


Caring: Each member of the school community will demonstrate a caring, supportive manner at all times.  Pupils will develop their caring skills through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.


Resilience: It is vital that pupils develop the resilience they require in order to move on into the world knowing that if they face negativity or tough times they will be able to cope, adapt and succeed.


Co-operation: Through developing co-operation skills in all we do the school will continue to be a positive environment for all.


Good Manners: We will always treat each other the way we would like to be treated.  Good manners will be instilled from an early age and upheld by all members of the school community.


‘A school for all, with community at its heart.’