School Logo

Vision and Values

'To provide a stimulating and supportive environment, laying the foundations that enable everyone to flourish and achieve’

In order to educate pupils to the best of their abilities, to create a happy and safe environment and to lay the foundations for our students to flourish in the future, the whole community at Little Kingshill School strives to instil and develop the following core values, which inform everything that we do.


Ambition: We encourage ambition in all our pupils, fostering determination and drive and celebrating their unique achievements.


Creativity: All pupils will be given the opportunity through the curriculum and extra-curricular activities to develop their creative skills through enjoyment and exploration.


Respect: Every member of the school community will respect others, showing tolerance, acceptance and good manners towards all.  This reinforces the rich diversity of our community, and the expectation is that everyone is treated equally and cherished.


Resilience: We will empower members of the school community to act with courage, dig deep and persevere, to build skills to cope, adapt, succeed and to understand that failing is sometimes part of the journey that enables us to learn.


Kindness: Each member of the school community will be expected to demonstrate a considerate, supportive manner to create a happy environment for all to flourish.


‘A school for all, with community at its heart.’