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Breakfast / After School Club

Quackers Breakfast Club & After School Club


Breakfast Club

Open from 7.30am, the children will be offered Breakfast consisting of a choice of cereal, along with toast with various toppings, yogurt and fruit. Should your child have a favourite cereal we do not stock please let us know and we will do our best to cater for them (please note we are a nut free club so there may be certain cereals we cannot provide). BREAKFAST FINISHES AT 8.10am to allow time to tidy up. Once finished eating the children are free to play games and take part in art and craft activities, or just sit down and read a book.


After School Club

Once all children have arrived and the register has been taken, we all go outside and play until 4.00/4.30pm (time of year dependent). This allows children to get some fresh air and gives them the opportunity for physical activity such as football, skipping, rounders etc.  We also have areas where the children can just sit and talk outside should they be tired after their day at School. During the warmer months we may also set up arts and craft activities outside.


For children booked in past 4.30pm a snack is served which normally consists of a choice of two of the following foods being Rolls, Sandwiches, Wraps and Crackerbread. For fillings, there is always a choice of Ham slices, Chicken slices, Cheese, Quorn, Marmite, Jam and Honey. With every snack two varieties of Vegetables and two varieties of Fruit are offered.


Water is available throughout the entire session and during snack a choice of Water and Sugar Free Squash is provided. WE DO NOT provide biscuits or cake.


Please note that due to allergies of other children we CANNOT allow children to eat food brought in from outside the Club. Should your child have a certain food preference please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate them. We cater for all allergies and religious dietary requirements.


After snack, the children will either have access to outside games or a choice of inside board games, arts and crafts, small world or space to sit quietly and read or do homework.


We provide several different Session Start and Finish times. Please see our Booking Forms for details.


Prices and to Book

To use our club, YOU NEED TO FIRST REGISTER WITH US. Once registered you can download our booking forms and submit a booking. Registration and booking forms, along with key information such as Club Contact Numbers, Ofsted Number, more information about types of booking can be found on our website Term and Conditions and Prices can be found on our Booking Forms.


We can accept Childcare Vouchers and online transfers for payment.