Little Kingshill Combined School

At Little Kingshill Combined School we hold their hand, take them to the edge and watch them fly

Vision & values

We believe that all children have a right to develop a love for learning about the world in which they live and to perform to the best of their ability in a caring and secure environment. Everyone associated with the education of a child at Little Kingshill works within a flexible, happy and supportive environment. When a child leaves our school, it is gratifying to see how the efforts of the whole school community have helped to ‘turn out’ a well balanced, literate, numerate and valuable member of society.

We insist on courtesy, good manners and respect for self and for others to ensure a high standard of behaviour. We believe the ethos of our school should be built on the core values of honesty, respect, happiness and responsibility.

In order to be effective, education should be a partnership between home, school and the wider community. It takes a community to educate and bring up a child, so we look forward to developing a positive relationship with you, a relationship in which your child will flourish.