Little Kingshill Combined School

At Little Kingshill Combined School we hold their hand, take them to the edge and watch them fly

Cheryl Gillan Visit In Bucks Free Press

A lovely article showcasing MP Cheryl Gillan’s recent visit to our school:

A great day all round with both Phil Williams inspiring the children, staff and parents alike, and Cheryl Gillan recognising the great work we are doing in the sustainability space.

Ms Gillan commented, “It was a great pleasure to visit Little Kingshill School and to open their new solar panels. Thank you very much to the pupils who showed me round their wonderful school, and to Mrs Sutaria for inviting me. I was so happy to see pupils take such pride in where they learn, and to be so excited and well informed about environmental issues. As a Solar School, Little Kingshill help put clean energy into their classrooms, as well as raise awareness about energy efficiency and ways to save energy in everyday life. I was so impressed by the school’s commitment to preserving our natural environment and their fundraising efforts so far, and I hope the new solar panels greatly benefit the school and its staff and students.”

Cheryl GIllan opening the solar panels

The children cheering


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