Little Kingshill Combined School

At Little Kingshill Combined School we hold their hand, take them to the edge and watch them fly

Primary PE and Sports Premium

Little Kingshill Combined School is a strong believer in offering children a variety of PE and Sports opportunities. Further information on these can be found here:

To support these initiatives, the school receives £9000 in through Primary Sports funding and this is what we have spent it on.

1.  Coaching (£3965)

We have used some of the funding to employ a specialist coach who delivers gymnastics and dance during curriculum time on Monday. The coach is employed from the Get Active coaching agency – a commercial provider.

2.  Competition (£2000)

Due to PE Funding we have joined the Sports Partnership led by Kate Chaplin from Doctor Challoner’s High School. This gives us access to continuing professional development for staff and competitions/festivals with other schools.

Every year group takes part in at least one inter-school sports festival against other schools including Reception and KS1.

We participate in a Cross-Country event for all of years 3-6 in Key Stage 2. There have been other cross country events not funded by the Primary Sports Premium. We have taken part in netball tournaments, football matches, tag rugby festivals, handball festival, knockout competitions and jamborees and a dance festival this year so far. Some transport has been subsidised by PE funding.

3.  Health/Physical Activity (£475)

We have a Change4Life club for children who are not naturally active. This takes place at lunch time as many of these children go home immediately at the end of the school day.

Every child in the school even the Nursery children skip on National Skipping Day, an annual school event. We have a Positive Play club for KS1 children run at lunchtime twice a week by the year 6 children. This proves to be very popular.

We have Walk Once A Week for every child in the school. Children record how they travel to school every day. We also organise two Walk to School weeks annually.

The top playground has a different class on it at playtime every day and they have play equipment to use. The equipment is in two boxes so that the children can use it and put it back independently. This box is updated regularly with new equipment and broken equipment is disposed of.

At lunchtime the top playground is used for netball practice two lunchtimes a week and football the other three lunchtimes. We have bought four netball posts with PE funding.

For 2017 sports clubs include football, netball, cricket, athletics, cross-country, street dance, martial arts, table tennis, gymnastics, archery, multisport and fencing.

4.  Shared or Single School PE Specialist Teachers

5.  Professional Learning (£180)

This year Miss Clements, our Year 1 teacher, has been on a KS1 movement course as she has moved to KS1 and needed guidance.

Play equipment, hoops, beanbags, different size balls and a ball pump have been bought with PE funding to replace old and broken equipment and to increase the quantity as they are popular with the children.

All children have two hours of PE a week in curriculum time. Teachers have been asked to ensure that the warm up is vigorous so that the children exercise their hearts.