Little Kingshill Combined School

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Personal, social, health, sex education and citizenship

At Little Kingshill, PSHE and Citizenship is recognised as an important part of the curriculum. It involves the development of healthy attitudes to bodily welfare and care, aspects of safe living and personal relationships both in the family and wider community. It may be taught as part of a class topic or in PSHE and Citizenship lessons.

PSHE and Citizenship aim to provide pupils with the knowledge, skill and understanding from which they can make informed choices and decisions about their present and future lifestyles. PSHE is grouped into four broad headings – drug, alcohol and tobacco, sex and relationships, healthy lifestyles and financial capability.

The Governors of the School have agreed that Sex and Relationships Education will form part of the School’s curriculum. It is not taught as a separate subject but as part of a topic concerned with the development of children as whole individuals. It is dealt with in a sensitive, balanced manner, which emphasises caring relationships. A talk is held on puberty for girls and boys in the upper years of KS2. Parents have a right to withdraw their child(ren) if they do not wish them to participate.

PSHE Policy