Little Kingshill Combined School

At Little Kingshill Combined School we hold their hand, take them to the edge and watch them fly


It is important to note that the school has no specific allocation of money to cover trips and/or various activities that enhance the curriculum, but are not basic necessities.

The Governors have agreed the following policy on charging:

Contributions will be sought from parents for activities taking place during school hours and these activities will only be able to take place if there is sufficient funding.

There may be charges for a range of activities that enhance the curriculum and the standard of education we can offer.  For example:

  • Activities taking place outside school hours.
  • Journeys and visits which take place out of school hours.
  • Ingredients/materials etc for a product that your child takes home.

There will be a charge for:-

  • Tuition in playing any musical instrument when not provided by a member of the Little Kingshill Combined School staff.
  • The coach for transporting children to swimming lessons.
  • Any breakages or damage caused by a child (especially those brought about through unacceptable behaviour).

In all instances discretion will be exercised in cases of proven financial hardship.  Applications for a remission of charges should be made to the Headteacher.

Charging and Remissions Policy 2019